Friday, January 15, 2010

Black Devil_HC³-083

Finally.. after months of waiting which felt like years, my beloved black devil is here... I was so busy rushing here and there to settle all my personal things on my leave day yesterday. Half day spent at Formula Venture,Honda just to get my car polished to perfection and ready to leave the showroom.

First task after that was to drive to the nearest petrol station to fill up. Nightmare driving on the road. It felt like it was my first time driving. I was afraid of the cars in front of me, behind me .. everywhere!! OMG ... Then I went home for a quick bath .. simple lunch and went off again.

Reach the tint shop in time... negotiation underway and finally my car is stripped naked... After 3 hours, the tint is complete and I drove to an indian temple in Prai to bless the car. Hoping for a safe journey throughout the years in use for my family and me. Bonus for us if it help to strike jackpot.. haha ... well these are 2 pictures of the black devil sleeping downstairs.. snapped 25 minutes ago... enjoy .. more to come.

Next week UOTT from at Penang...


speedrider said...

bila nak bawak aku ronda-ronda?

TaMiYa™ said...

when is the next mamak session? :)