Sunday, November 29, 2009

- The True Potential -

These are potential mods for the new honda city 2009. Its giving me lots of ideas on how to mod the car without making it look "ah beng-ish"... hehe. These pictures are extreme mods that can only apply to track cars. Hopefully I could secure 6-8 of this car for an important event in 2010.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

+_+ Poison +_+

Ouchh..... I'm "poisoned" by fellow friends in HC³ for sharing this replice mugen wannabe honda city 2009 front grille. I wonder what bodykits will go nicely with this grille? This grille sure looks great on Crystal Black Pearl colour...

This is surely a deadly poison.. don't you think so? Please give comment...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mean Machine 2009

I'm excited as usual for this event. Why??? Its because I get to see unique cars up for display and perhaps some hot chicks posing beside the cool cars. Below are some pictures taken from the event. I particularly liked the VIP modded cars this round. Looks luxury and stylist.

It was raining at certain time of the day on 31st Oct and 1st Nov but that did not deter many people who had passion for cars from visiting the event.

Total Lost - Honda City 2009

These pictures belong to Scott's car that was badly damaged today morning on the way to Nilai for work [4/11/09]. Luckily the airbag deployed and he escaped with minor bruises. Nobody was seated at the rear, else we would have to wish them condolence.

Sorry for your damaged S spec NHC... Welcome to your new E spec NHC in a few weeks time... See you around during TT.