Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Black Honda City 2009 [NHC]

Finally, these are some pictures of honda city 2009 in black colour. Mind you these are mugen replicas bodykits on a honda city 2009. The rims aren't stock as well so this might looks better than normal modulo kits. Any comments?

This car looks very cool i think... I need to continue searching the web for white city with bodykits. Can't seem to find any... sigh ~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

White / Black ??

I'm baffled and can't decide now.. Go for white or black? I've initially booked black but now.. rumours is spreading like forest fire.. 2010 there will be Taffeta White for Honda City.. I've always wanted to own a Civic FD2 Type-R, and this white taffeta honda city, is a glimpse of my dream ... I'm a risk adverse person, and currently without any white city on the road, i really can't decide. Saw many black coloured city with modulo kits, it looked great.

A friend told me, you need to wax and wash the car 2-3 day once to keep the black colour car in good tone. What should I do?? Anyone care to help? Voting perhaps? hehe...

White?? Anyone??

I guess its the modification design that's more important? check these out..

Will upload more pictures later.. i think i have some rough idea on how to mod a white city... hehe.. carbon fiber stickers on bodykits with taffeta white... should be a head-turner..