Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Recession 2008

Latest Christmas carol for 2008,

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

It's hitting you once,
It's hitting you twice
It doesn't care if you've been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It's worthless if you've got shares
It's worthless if you've got bonds
It's safe when you've got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake, OH

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Patapon II - Winter [Japan]

Patapon II.... Its coming... can't wait to get the game... Releasing during winter season in Japan. Looks cuter and there's flying pon pon now... Just nice to play after my coming exam. Look at the pictures below.. just lovely.

Don't really have the time to play PSP and PS2 but I'm still waiting to get my hands on my christmas wishlist :p

I-Phone / HTC Diamond Pro
Digital Camera
Honda City I-Vtec
32" LCD TV for my room.
High Perfomance Desktop

Looks like very nasty mobs in Patapon II.

Go my pon²... Where's the megapon?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mean Machine II, Autocity 2008

I reached autocity around 6pm, thanks to my buddy Khairul for the delay.. anyway, nobody is to be blamed. It was an exciting event. The moment i saw the cars there, all my frustration and tiredness daze away.... 60% of the cars there comes with exhaust torched meant for portable bbq i guess... lolz.. the sound of it freaks me out as if the car is going to explode anytime now.

An original M3 ..... 400+ HP!!!

One of the exhaust torch aka "bbq fire" in action... lolz

A model posing with a Porsche 911 Turbo?

Some of the many luxury cars at the function.

Mohawk hot chicks... best at the event... their skirt are short enough and tops are low enough.. drools~

One of the good looking 3 series BMW.. heavily modded.

Simple and nice

Neon lights mania...

I love this BMW decals and sprites..

Eric and me posing with the BMW i liked most at the event.

One of team Volcano demo cars... looking forward for more car events.. Autofair this week at Jusco Bandar Perda.. Lets see if I can snap more pictures....

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Favourite Friends...

Today my sister shared with me some pictures of her friend's West Highland White Terrier. The dog was pretty as an angel. Totally in love with the pictures... The picture is taken when Casper were 16 weeks old and 17 weeks old. Such a lovely dog...

Casper's picture looks like a doll. I like the colour very much... Attached are some huskies pictures i've snapped earlier last week at my friend's place. He's very lucky to have a neighbour with 2 huskies and 1 golden retriever. Those dogs are extremely friendly and playful. Wished to have my own huskies soon...
They are quite huge actually.. bigger than i first expected. My first encounter with huskies.. they made my day...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Penang National Park - Pantai Keracut

27th Sept 2008 - My collegues and I were tired of work and decided to plan a trip. Its was our maiden trip together before the month end closing... We've planned to meet at Teluk Bahang - End Of The World Restaurant at 7:00 am.. but typical malaysian we are, 7:30am and I've got a message from Eunice saying, "sorry ya, I'll be late... I'm a malaysian who is never punctual" ... haha I replied her sms by saying "take your time dear.. We are malaysian too..." haha

Reached the place around 8:15am. After registration at the booth, we started our journey..

Everyone was excited... The development to the place was incredible.. I was totally different compared to the last time I were here.. 9 years ago? I should really be doing this more often. Its good for health and makes me feel very glad looking at the beautiful panaroma...
Look at the beach... picture taken around noon time... rarely can find beautiful beach like this nowadays.. Heard it is turtle hatching season this Oct'08. Might plan another trip there but i think unlikely as I'll be going down to KL for weeks long again...

3 macho guys will end this blog for today.. It takes a very long time to get these picture uploaded. There's actually lots more pictures and lot more things to describe about the trip there, however I'm getting lazy as usual... Chill guys~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ann Joo Flood... Water Everywhere..

Well, this is my first time blogging and on a holiday where all my friends are working, so its pretty much a boring day with nothing else better to do at home. This are pictures of my so called "new" office during rainy days. Its less than a month here and all of us had experienced not once but twice the might of the rain.

These are pictures of the second flood at the new office area which is far worse than the first. Pictures attached are just a start to the disaster. Lucky for us, nobody's car stalled on the way out of office, just one or two of us which are slightly unlucky and need to send our cars for repairs and "check up". Maybe I should bring along my fishing tools to see if I get lucky.

As you can see, its just a matter of time before the car "drown"...

See my car there?